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    Welcome to The Foundation! 

    This is where we start this journey. For some of you, parts of this material will be familiar. This is a way though, for us to structure our practice and to upgrade it! To remember what we know and have learned and to actually practice it. Daily, when we feel energy shifts, when feeling drained, when to bring through new ideas, when in relationships, when in situations that demand your focus, when time to raise to a higher vibration and connect with your Guide Team and Highest Source. Basically, all way through life here now. We are experiencing how the Aquarian Age and the New Earth starts manifesting through us, and we are called to align in our everyday life with the frequency changes. How exciting it is to BE the shift with you all!

    For you who are a bit newer to the spiritual journey or the energy worker tools, The Foundation material will come very handy. Congratulations to you for taking the leap! Every step you take now will open new doors within. Things that might have spoken to you through dreams, unexpected ideas and thoughts or even signs and symbols will start to make sense. The longing and the feeling of just knowing this is where you need to go – this is golden – this is for You!

    I have added examples and anecdotes from my practice, both my own and from client work, in a way I previously haven’t done before. I hope it will be valuable for you as you go along this journey.

    With Love in the One Heart