The Mastery Diploma Program builds upon the interactive Mastery Courses, bringing them together with the new and re-membered tools from the foundation and adding further personal mentoring with Camilla KumaRa. The Mastery Diploma Program offers you a total of approx 30 hours of guided training, (inner work, practice and reflection hours at home are not counted in). It is truly a synthesis where our divine feminine and divine masculine parts come together.

What does the added Master Diploma Program consist of, besides the Mastery Courses? A 75 mins private mentoring/guiding/healing session on Zoom or in person with Camilla KumaRa. Supportive feedback by email when doing the written essays or presentations. Evaluation and Certificate process. This means you purchase the Mastery Courses you wish to take, whenever you wish to take them – AND order the Master Diploma Program as well separataly.

What could a Multidimensional Guide do when out there, ready? It could be any, some or everything of the following:

  • Channel frequencies from higher fields of consciousness
  • Journey interdimensionally
  • Open and close portals or star gates
  • Anchor codes in the grids
  • Support activating spiritual gifts
  • Provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing with added tools and techniques
  • Clear energy imbalances and infiltration
  • Being a conscious keeper of light
  • Reading and translating incoming cosmic frequencies
  • Resolve energetic imbalances within the planetary body, Mother Earth
  • Support the elemental realms and all other etheric kingdoms on Earth
  • Anchor New Golden Terra Gaia timelines here now
  • Retrieve and integrate Soul Aspects
  • Interact with lightships
  • Interact with all higher aspects of Source/ God

And much more…

Diploma Requirements

Writing a recap on the Foundation with a personal twist based on your own experiences. Include a deepening on personal interest and mission (connected with Mastery Course theme 1, 2 or 3 -or all in a unique combination).

Finished at least two/three Mastery Courses, with presence and engagement. If feeling to take the same theme twice, that is possible as every course will be unique.

Taken private mentoring session 75 mins with Camilla Aurea KumaRa, scheduled after finished courses including follow up contact.

After green light, you will receive a diploma and recommendations.
Be part of a becoming network!

Welcome to the Master Diploma Program,
With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla KumaRa

Course Curriculum

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