Lightworker Courses & Master Diploma Program​

Intro by Camilla KumaRa

The Lightworker Courses are divided into three steps with extra features on the side as well. The first level is what we have named The Foundation. An online course that consists of five chapters in text with added links to recorded audio and video material including meditations. Everything is easy to download from the learning platform, both text and meditations, so you can choose to read and listen offline or even by printing out the material.

The next step is The Master Courses. With different themes, The Master Courses go deeper in an interactive way. Consisting of 11 hours of live meetings either online on Zoom or in person (not at the same time, the courses will be online-groups OR in person-groups), the Master Courses bring co-creating into the setting. Learning through exploring and sharing, with guidance from the higher dimensional teams.

The interactive courses will be held both in English and Swedish, though there might be a waiting period to match preferred language-where the course is held- and course theme. 

For an eventual interest to take it further, the third step is The Master Diploma Program – Multidimensional Guide & Practitioner. It builds upon the previous steps, where the requirements are written essays and/or presentations, attendance at at least two/three Master Courses and a final personal mentoring session.

On the side of the three-step program, Bright Auroras offer special themed webinars and the on-going Aurora Transmissions Series.

Welcome to Bright Auroras!

The Foundation

Welcome to the Foundation! This is where we start this journey. The Foundation – a Lightworker’s Essentials – is an e-course divided into five chapters with added audio and video meditations. For Your Light Within.

Mastery Courses

Here we take it further. The Mastery Courses are interactive, co-creative courses held in smaller groups on Zoom or in-person. The Mastery Courses comes in three different themes: “Light Codes in Focus”, “Planetary Lightworker” and “Guides, Realms and Dimensions”.

The Master Diploma

The Master Diploma Program for Multidimensional Guide & Practitioner builds upon the interactive Mastery Courses, bringing them together with the new and remembered tools from The Foundation and personal mentoring by Camilla KumaRa. This is for you aiming for certificate!

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