Homecoming: A Starfamily Reunion. Workshop together with Alice Heath


A 12:12 portal event! Welcome to book the event here: Home Coming: A Star Family Reunion | Alice Heath

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Monday December 12th at 12:30 CET 11:30 UK.

Through every cell of our body the whole Universe resides! Every Star, Constellation and Family of Light runs through the dormant 13 strands of Star DNA…just waiting to be activated…remembered…just waiting to welcome you Home!
On the auspicious and illuminating 12:12 portal, join Camilla KumaRa – Soul Path Guide & Light Language Sound Healer, and Alice Heath – Divine Channel & Mystery Schools Practitioner in this sacred Star Family ReUnion!
Come learn what it feels like to remember your heritage, to connect with extended galactic family as we activate within you your Sacred Star DNA codes!
In this workshop we will:
*Receive an up to date energy channelling from Camilla and Alice from a collection of our Star friends who are helping with the 12:12 portal (Lyrans, Arcturians, Christed Ones to name a few)
*Activate your dormant Star DNA through a series of Light Language channellings
*Help you identify which Star Families are assisting you most with your Soul Path currently
*Assist you in cultivating your own relationship with the StarBeings!
It is a delight and joy for us to bring this workshop to you!
With Love from the One True Heart, Camilla and Alice 🌹🤍
Alice Heath
Camilla Aurea KumaRa
As always, this workshop will run live, and a replay be offered later the same day. The replays are always as powerful as the live event, so don’t worry if you miss it on the day!
Workshop conducted on zoom in English.
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