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Introducing the Starseed Activation Session – a new session by Camilla Aurea KumaRa! For full description, please see further down.



Introducing the Starseed Activation Session by Camilla Aurea KumaRa

For the Starseeds, the Key Holders, for all who wish to connect with their original galactic blueprint, the Starseed Activation Session is a new session format by Camilla KumaRa, suggested by her Guides in this time. A focused presentation downloaded in the now moment from the Greater Cosmic Records, including a direct channeling of light codes.

You will experience and receive:

One or two galactic timelines to be discovered (“past lives”). Primarly, these will be timelines of higher dimensional levels, although if healing would be needed connected with the experiences, quantum healing will be offered through Light Language Sound Therapy or by the vibrational contact (pure light) with the Star Families and Guides.

Activate or strengthen the direct connection with star family and/ or certain galactic beings. This will be supported through light code activations, spoken messages and guided meditation.

Awaken of DNA. Focus on awakening the dormant DNA-strands, that are memory banks and containers of cosmic consciousness.

Energyfield clearing and harmonizing. We end the session with grounding.

The Starseed Activation Session is 60-75 mins depending on what emerges during the session. The flexible time allows for a flowing structure. Please do not plan anything shortly after the session, take time for resting and journaling.

Final note: Remember, only your own visions, inner guidance and dreams are relevant to discuss in the sacred space of private session guidance. Not a third human part, medium or channel. Thank you.

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