The Core Group Frequency Holders – Igniting New Earth Portals, Grids & Timelines – Fall Season 2023


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Welcome to The Core Group Frequency Holders – Igniting New Earth Portals, Grids & Timelines

Online High Frequency Group Sessions with channeled meditations, planetary energywork and light code activations. In between the webinars there are opportunities to connect together purely by distance at suggested times. Now we start a new season of meetings, welcome to join anytime! With Love, Camilla Aurea KumaRa

Planned dates to come for online meetings: Wednesdays October 11th, November 8th, December 6th 2023. There will be a distance healing link-up in between each online meeting. Choose 1 or 3 months right away!

October meeting time: 7.30pm CET Europe, 6.30pm UK, 1.30pm New York, 10.30am Los Angeles 


Dear friends, I feel it’s time to tell you about a vision I have. Let us call it The Core Group.

I see The Core Group as a flowing but strong network of portal activators, lightworkers, gridworkers and frequency holders, who feel a dedication in their energywork to support our Mother Planet in her ascension.

I see The Core Group unfolding as unified energywork, partly as online meetings with guided lightbody travelling meditations, though as we are moving more and more into the phase of telepathy and connecting in the quantum field, we will also do parts when we connect without devices. I also see a cocreative part, with additional sharing. I see (planned) distance portal energywork for certain themes or places, but also quick-to-action lightworker callings.

This feels like a new level of everything I have done and prepared together with you, the Aurora Transmission webinars, the Mastery Courses, what we have done during the Sacred Journeys, the Quantum Light Co Creators, how it started with the channeled meditation groups, and now with the New Earth Portals Oracle Cards. This is the Planetary Lightworkers on a grander scale.

(And this is a high level behind the scenes sort of project.) It is 144(000) for 33 and beyond.


Every month I will offer one live Zoom workshop with deep energywork together with the Councils of Light and different guides coming in for the current energies and with a purpose for the highest good of all of creation.

Following the initial week with the Zoom meeting, we will have a distance link-up, the week after the live webinar. Strong telepathic healing transmissions at suggested times.

Energy exchange: An energy exchange will be charged per initial webinar workshop. Cost 333 SEK/ approx 33 USD (or choose 3 months right away for 999 SEK or 5 months for discounted 1500 SEK).

This is us creating magic. Step into the 5dimensional Gaia template now, and weave the energies of the highest good of all!

With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea KumaRa & the Councils of Light

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