Webinar Recording – Pegasus and the White Lions




Dear ones, welcome to a webinar workshop with Pegasus & the White Lions. In this time an opportunity comes forth for us to connect with these beautiful beings of high frequency light. A transmission of love and powerful energetic support.

There is a message about sacred beings gathering for a joined cause, a coming meeting.

What you will experience:

On a physical level, focus will be on cellular regeneration and spine-neck-head.

Your light body will experience an activation and deep soul remembering on the eteric/ spiritual level.

There will be a deep meditation with messages, chanting and light code activations, as always channeled by Camilla Aurea KumaRa. Welcome!

Wednesday May 31st 2023, at 8-9.30pm CET on Zoom. 7pm UK/ 2pm ET/ 11am PT. Time Zone Converter. Replay recording will be sent out afterwards.

With Love in the One Heart, Camilla Aurea KumaRa

Camilla KumaRa channels many beings of light among them Aurora, an advanced light being, connected with the Light from the North and New Golden Tara Gaia timelines. Coming in with a high perspective and at the same time grounded loving wisdom, Aurora and the company of heaven bring healing frequencies and inspiration for us all. Let us keep co-creating New Earth now from inside out. The webinars are all full of light language sound code activations, light body travelling, messages from Aurora and other very high dimensional beings as well as anchoring light for Mother Gaia supporting planetary healing and ascension.

Note for Swedish customers. If you wish to purchase the course with payment method Swish please choose Swedish Krona as your currency in order for the transaction to proceed.