New Earth Portals Retreat, Montsegur
April 30th -May 6th 2022

With Camilla Aurea KumaRa 

New Earth Portals Retreat Montsegur

Portal Card 13 – New Earth Oracle Cards by Camilla Aurea KumaRa

In the first week of May 2023, starting in the naturally magical energies of April 30th/ May 1st and over Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon on the 5th, we are guided to go to Montsegur, at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains, in the southwest France.

Montségur is mostly known as the last Cathar stronghold, a portal of great importance for the divine feminine and so much more on a higher dimensional and galactic level. I am also so happy to let you know, we will be staying at a most amazing place during this week, the Les Contes B&B that has its own temple and an interdimensional portal on their lands in the pristine beauty of nature. 

About this Retreat

The focus of our retreat is the high frequency energy work we are here to do, initiated by the Councils of Light and “Company of Heaven”, although always connected with our own individual inner journeys and the beauty of exploring a new environment.

Be ready for magic and transformational energies!

At this specific time, we are guided to come and assist the important portal and mother arc dome of Montségur. A portal of this kind is not just limited to a minor site but includes layers of a greater surrounding (think of it as circles around a node point).

The fascinating Cathar history but also the much older energies of the lands will be part and have their role in this experience.


Sunday: Arrival day. Pick up in Toulouse by our own bus. 

Monday: Les Contes. Wind down in sacredness of nature. Prepare energywork within the group. The layers of our multidimensional experience. 

Tuesday: Carcasonne, Cathar town and surroundings. 

Wednesday: Up the Pyrenees, secret adventure. No advance hiking, but we will walk a little bit. 

Thursday: Montségur “pog” and castle. Museum possible to visit after lunch. 

Friday: Les Contes, Lunar Eclipse evening ceremony. Sealing the energies. 

Saturday: Departure day. Drop off in Toulouse.


There is a plan and focus for the energywork retreat, with a slight need to be flexible as the guidance through Camilla adds to the magic as we go. There will be time, parts of the days, for solo time, resting and enjoying the atmosphere of the site.

The Montségur/ Les Contes energies will inspire for our own inner journeys, for hearing the voice of the heart and spirit, and connecting with the elements of Mother Earth.


Les Contes is the last property as you climb your way through the towering gorge toward the village and chateau of Montsegur, known as the last Cathar stronghold.
The large B&B was bought in 2020 by Aletheia Sophia and Pete, who know run it with great visions, spiritual depth and generousity.

WE are staying in single or twin rooms.

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