Aspects of the Lightbody

So the Lightbody can be seen as consisting different aspects, which are also connected to higher dimensional aspects of ourselves such as our Angelic Self, our Ascended Master Self, our Galactic Guide Self and so on. When we activate our Lightbody, we activate it on the level of how much we are consciously aware. The aspects mentioned are not important as information on its own but as a part of making connections to what many have experiences of from before. We can be made aware of these 7 aspects or layers, some more some less, but anyway this is what I was guided to share at this time.

The aspects or layers of the Lightbody were explained to me in this order:

  1. Blue Lightbody Aspect
  2. Violet Lightbody Aspect
  3. White Lightbody Aspect
  4. Golden Lightbody Aspect
  5. Rose Gold Lightbody Aspect
  6. Shimmering Diamond Lightbody Aspect
  7. Opalescent Lightbody Aspect

When activating the dormant codings within for each light body aspect, the Light Language and toning is quite different from one aspect to the other. All connected to different frequencies where certain information is held in its energy form, not as common language as it cannot hold as pure vibration as wordless information.