Clearing the Energy Field

Clearing the Energy Field

Everyone of us have had the feeling of being out of balance. You know how that feels for you, it might even feel that it has a scale to it. Just a little bit out of balance to the almost unbearable feel of being totally – feelings all over the place/or emotionally numbed – body is screaming – way out of balance. This scale is unique for each one and holds certain keys that we can be observant about, for our own wellbeing and health. Being observant can mean that we notice how our energy changes while being in certain environments, for examples shopping malls or the security control at the airport or simply meetings with certain people. Being aware is the first step to have the choice of changing your exposure and/or acting supportively for yourself by preparing beforehand and clearing your energy field afterwards.

So many times I have heard clients speaking about how they seem to have a certain “heel of Akilles”, a bodypart that aches or makes itself known in an uncomfortable way when the energies are intense. Inflammation seems to worsen overall in the system or we might cry for seemingly no reason. For some it relates to the incoming electro magnetics of solar flares or spikes in the Schumann Resonance (heartbeat or frequency of Mother Earth), for others it comes in connection with Full Moons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses. The collective field that we all are part of affects our personal energy field. Therefore we can, if being sensitive, respond to collective fear, anger or the release of old programming and data. Major traumas in history were felt energetically when it happened, even if on the other side of the planet.

Yet others are aware that they respond physically, mentally and emotionally to their own spiritual shifts, raised vibration and crystalline progress. There is a “lagging” of the system as the Guides recently formulated it in a client meeting. The different layers of our bodies react and fall behind a bit – until aligned and centered again.

If you are assisting others with any kind of healing technique, spiritual readings, or deeper psychotherapeutic work it is a necessary part of the work to clear your own energy field and often the room as well, before, between and after meetings in the interest of both the client and for yourself. In my own experience, I have had a few times, when I have realized I carried energetics from a session with me home. At one point I was dragged into a interdimensional drama of light and dark that went over the line for me and my higher self inspired me to put up very clear boundaries, even though the man in this case carried on the drama without me interacting with it. I had to clear my energy field many times even several days after, as intense focusing by distance can cause disturbance as well.

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