Energy Protection

Energy Protection

Putting up an energetic protection is a matter that is being discussed in many different spiritual communities. Some say we do not need protection, that it is something of the “old way”, while others promote different techniques.

My take is that just as with everything else, it differs depending on the person, if it is for a shorter period or permanent. It matters if we have active past or parallel timelines messing up our present now. It matters if we just experienced a major spiritual awakening process. It matters if we live in a very harsh and hostile environment. It matters if we are dealing with a toxic physical body at the same time. There are no 100% general rules. There are young empathic starseeds who one could think would need all the protection in the world to be here, but yet they seem to navigate this reality with their high vibrating light as a natural bouncing wall. And there are very experienced healers and channelers who have fallen into periods of severe attacks and energetic infiltration that needs to be handled, not by going into fear but with all the strength and a blazing, blinding lovelight of the Highest Source. And then all and everything in between and the opposites.

The alignment we do as described in the beginning is a sort of protection as it only let in the frequencies that vibrate accordingly. When we are beginners in consciously holding the energy high, especially when guiding others, there might come moments when it feels difficult. We can use different techniques, visualizations and affirmations to support ourselves in this matter.

As an example, when I went through my first year with Psychosynthesis training at the Psychosynthesis Academy in Stockholm I was 25 and what many would describe now as an empath or highly sensitive person. I was so fully into what everyone in the group felt, what they said or didn’t say, how they behaved and responded that I became totally exhausted. All the energies that were released in the processes got into me. So eventually I had a breakdown after six months and thereby learned, as we often do the hard way, about what is not working for us. I slowly learned to practice energetic boundaries, I learned about my need for regular meals throughout the day, I learned about my own inner processes and how I was not responsible for how 20 persons in a room felt all the time AND I learned how to practice energetic protection techniques such as these below. (I always had the golden bubble on the subway…) Now, it was many years ago I stopped seeing myself as highly sensitive or any label like that. It is not me anymore, when we unify within we can actually grow out of the old labels, therefore always hold your “boxes” lightly!

Examples of different ways to support energetic protection

-Call in your higher guides, Archangel Michael and the blue ray, any strong Goddess aspect or the Christ Light and in particular Jesus as the messenger.

-Call in the dragons for a protective shield!

-Wear crystals and stones that have protective and grounding qualities such as Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz. Some like Shungite for this but be aware it needs constant cleansing. Labradorite is good to reverse negative energy. Recently I have found Mahogany Obsidian to be a great stone to wear in my pockets as it also give extra strength. Some like Hematite for grounding/protection. Kyanite is also good for discerning if the energy you feel is in fact your own or someone else’s.

-The Golden Light Bubble. After centering and aligning imagine yourself surrounded by a golden light bubble. This is best to release and let go of after coming home.

-The Angelic Sphere. A practice that came in a live channeling for a group I had a few years ago. After centering and aligning, go to the Higher Heart Chakra. It is situated over the thymus in between the throat and heart. Ask to connect with your angels, your own angelic self and if you will – the Seraphim Angels in particular. Expand the energy out from the higher heart chakra with the help of the angels, you may see it as crystalline or shimmering light blue/pink. Expand until a transparent sphere or light ball surrounds your etheric body. I do not say bubble here to distinguish from the golden bubble in the previous suggestion. The Angelic Sphere is translucent, it holds a light and high vibration, and it breathes in a way old protection techniques don’t do. I recommend this for everyone!

-The Diamond Octahedron. After centering and aligning with your heart and the cosmic heart/ Galactic Core and the heart of Mother Earth, imagine yourself surrounded by a diamond light octahedron (a double pyramid form). Light is coming down through the top then down through your central channel and all around up again on the outside. A flow of diamond light circulates through the translucent octahedron creating a field around you.

-The 12 D Light. If you are familiar with the past Aurora Transmissions webinars, you know how we always go through the 12 D Crystalline Stargate as a way of entering a field of oneness, to only bask in the highest of frequencies that activate our Light Bodies in the best possible way. This 12 D light field is protective in the sense that it only let equally high vibrations through. A practice suitable for all who are familiar with the terms and of course with the vibrational expansion it creates and support.

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