Let’s start!

Let's Start!

Every time we focus our energy for an alignment, a meditation or clearing ceremony we start by connecting with and through the heart. Your heart is your prime portal, your heart is the doorway to Source Within, your Divine Essence and Inner Universe. Your heart is the center and home of a fountain of love that is you and beyond what you perceive as you. Your heart is also where you will find the still point, the zero-point field further on.

A wounded heart that hasn’t healed yet may need time to open fully, for you to trust your own intention when you try to connect and open to a loving energy that is literally larger than life. Always be patient with yourself as you notice how you respond to the practices. There are ways of working through the layers, allowing yourself to feel safe as you open up more and more. The Light is always there waiting. See the Three Rooms of the Heart Meditation or other inner work regarding either or of these themes: the inner child, feeling trust and trusting, an over controlling mind, feeling worthy to be loved/ receive love or spiritual/ previous religious trauma.

When we start our centering and alignment practice, we turn our attention inwards, going down with our awareness to the heart (from the mind) and breath for a while. Calming ourselves, letting our system including our nervous system know that we intend to shift focus. If you like the idea of decrees and voicing your intentions, you can say out loud

– I now turn my attention inwards to my heart and connect with my Divine Essence and Source Within. (or words of your own that carries the same meaning).

Your heart is your center in this process, feel it to be so. Continue moving your awareness downwards, see how you continue all the way through your feet down to Mother Earth. Your roots are very real here but may appear in different ways to you, even as a day to day changing experience. You are now connecting all the way to the core of Mother Earth, you are aligning with the heart of Mother Gaia and the Inner Earth Sun.

Moving up again you anchor the energy of the heart of Mother Gaia within your own heart, continuing up through the crown chakra all the way up to the Highest Source of All That Is, through the Galactic Core and beyond. You feel the Universal Mother/Father responding to you with a bright light that shines down in a pillar. The highest light goes down and align you further with the Central Suns, through our Sun and moving into your higher chakras. The bright pillar of light aligns you from and with the Highest Source, the Galactic Core, the Central Suns, the Sun all the way down to your heart portal. It goes down chakra by chakra, along the central channel, to your roots and Mother Earth.

You are now centered and aligned vertically. You might continue by aligning in a more horizontal way by seeing the centeredness and the light expanding from your heart through the physical body to the mental body, the emotional body to the etheric or spiritual body. A practice that is useful when working with activating your Light Body. Or perhaps you see it as all happening within the body in layers and circles rather than in a line between cosmos and the Earth. For some this is a more natural way to do the centering within.

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