Simple Ways To Do the Clearing

Violet Flame

This is a practice I always come back to, it has been with me ever since my first healing course 20 years ago. It always makes a difference and you can do this several times a day when needed, I have even left the room in the middle of a social meeting situation for 2 mins, to do the violet flame clearing. And I know many of you can relate!

After centering and aligning, see with your inner vision how a violet light blaze down from above. Ask for it out loud or with your inner voice.

– I ask for the violet ray to shine through me now, for me to be a clear channel for this session/ meeting/ energy work. And so be it. Thank you.
Camilla KumaRa
– I ask for the violet flame to blaze through me now, to clear and transmute all energies that are not of my highest good. And so be it. Thank you.
Camilla KumaRa

Or any other version that fits the purpose of the moment. The Violet Flame goes into your crown chakra and through all your bodies, physical, mental emotional and etheric body. If the room or house needs clearing as well, let the light expand out and fill the space you wish to clear. Let the Universe take care of the released energy by transmuting it to new forms and frequencies through the divine violet fire.

For much more information on the Divine Solar Rays and the Flame varieties, wait for chapter 3 in the course material.

Calling in the Dragons

If you are familiar with the elemental dragons, this might be a powerful way of clearing and cleansing your energy field and surroundings. Ask for the presence and assistance of your guardian dragons, they are here for you when consciously called in. Let their powerful 7th dimensional frequencies and ancient transformational and harmonizing capacities support you with fire, water, air and earth.

For more guidance on the Dragons, including the 9th dimensional intergalactic Cosmic Dragons and the Dragon Luminairies of Sophia, see previous live calls and meditations – link. We will also connect and work with the elemental, cosmic and christ light dragons in the Master Courses.

Grounding in nature

Mother Earth is an amazing being and planetary body. With her we have in fact everything we need, and the core issue of today is that the humans have forgotten how to act accordingly. She is also the anchor for our embodiment. So when energies seem to be going of the charts, either as influx from cosmos or with the releasing of emotions and programming in the collective field, when we process intensely ourselves or we visit environments that is challenging for our system – grounding makes all the difference.

When I find myself overwhelmed by any of these causes, I am often guided to go out and take a walk, preferably by the small lake that is close to my home. What the difference is here, is how I do the walk. If we aim for grounding, no music or other technology is advisable. We aim for presence, taking in the energy and spirit of nature. Touching it, sitting with my back against a tree, listening and breathing. If possible, it is even better to walk barefoot for the exchange of electrons with the Earth. In the direct contact with nature we come back into harmony more easily.

As an example, during our sacred journeys to the Arctic mountain areas in Sweden, we have all felt how the grounding is there non-stop. We have been in that contact all throughout the days and while hiking, Mother Earth has communicated with us in a variety of ways. (Some even felt the urge to take skinny dips in the crispy cold lakes as a way to connect!). Very much the same experience in modern day Lemuria, the island of Kauai Hawaii, see video below. Where nature is dominating the energetic impressions, without so much of the “modern life” sound-, light- and radiation pollution, we can experience a natural grounding experience that never fades.

But even if we are not in pristine nature without disturbances, we are called to ground in contact with nature and our Mother. Just some grass, a tree or to touch the soil directly with our hands do all the difference for an unbalanced energetic system. Just be aware of lawns recently sprayed with round-up glyphosate or similar poison, when walking barefoot…

I often do a combination of grounding walk with focusing on gratitude in the Now. Giving thanks and feeling gratitude for the fields of little anemones in the forest, or the large stone formations that tell a story if we only listen. Choosing this perspective shifts the energy from stuck to an exchange of love.

Walking down to the ocean, in modern day Lemuria – Kauai Island, Hawaii 2019.

Water as a cleansing element

Blessed waters! Another often forgotten way to cleanse the energy system. Just as we can cleanse our crystals in saltwater (not all, some crystals are too fragile for water cleanse), we can cleanse our bodies and energy system with the help of water. Taking a bath, for instance with magnesium salt or with the add of essential oils do wonders for so many. You can also take a shower in a conscious way, asking the waters to transport away the negative energies for transmutation. A dear client of mine has shared how she has developed her own way of practicing shower scrub for spiritual benefits. Others do beautiful ceremonies in the bathtub with flower petals. Yet another group that has grown the past year 2020, is that of the ice-cold swimmers. A movement that has brought breathing techniques and experiencing cold waters into the common conversation, at least in Sweden. It is all powerful and the more intent we put in the practice, the more difference it makes in our lives.

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