Starseeds and Star Beings

Starseeds and Star Beings

This is a huge topic, that we could dwell in for another whole book! But let us briefly go through some interesting supjects here.

WE are all part of the Universe, or this multi-verse we were created to experience. It is vast and complex, but at the same time you can connect with, in fact, all of it through your heart portal – the stargate within. We are all different as Souls here on Earth, our soul blueprint and coding, our past/ parallel timelines differ, Who We Are differ – no wonder some seems to be drawn to certain subjects and mystery schools while others have their interest in an opposite direction. We also go through different phases spiritually, in what way and when, our Higher Selfs guide us to explore.

If you resonate with being a Starseed, you are already very much familiar with this theme. If you havn’t come in contact with this word Starseed, let me ask a few questions;

  • Have you ever felt a longing to the stars?
  • This could have manifested as an intense interest, for a short period or for your whole life, in astronomy or a specific star or galaxy.
  • Did you or do you love movies like Starwars or other Science Fiction stories?
  • Have you ever experienced a vague feeling of melancholy when looking up to the stars of the Milky Way. Even a wish to go “home” or a feeling that you do not belong here on Earth?
  • Are you a system-buster, as this worldly system here doesn’t make any sense for you?

If so, you are not alone! We belong to the stars just as we belong to our present home, Mother Earth. Among the volunteers, who have come here in this time, some haven’t ever incarnated on Earth before and some have just experienced Earth a few times even if they are “advanced souls”. Some on the other hand, have a great amount of experience from being here connected to Mother Gaia, even from the original creation of this planet, but still connect deeply with a galactic heritage and star family. All varieties are present at this crucial time of our existence.

It can be very healing and comforting to realize you are not the only one having these feelings and thoughts. That in fact there is a tsunami of awakening happening right now, and part of that is to acknowledge the Starseed within.

I have met so many clients throughout the years who have been relieved to hear that the experiences they have had are not unusual -and that they make sense! As an example, a dear client told me about a dream – or rather a woke dream – where she was encountered by beings who felt remarkably familiar and loving, but looked like some kind of up-standing, communicative birds (with a galactic feel). It was awkward for her to speak about it. I responded with a confirming yes, I totally know who you speak about, they wish to connect with you.

The most common star origins we connect with are; Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Lyra/ Wega, Orion and the Andromeda galaxy. If any, do you feel an intuitive connection to one or some of the names more than the others? In what way do you sense that? You can also try using the Centering & Alignment mp3 first, then connect with your heart portal and ask within about your star family. Be open and take notes afterwards.
Camilla KumaRa
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