The Divine Solar Aspects – The Rays

The Divine Solar Aspects - The Rays

What once was known as the Seven Rays have in recent years (more and more clearly after 2012) become the Thirteen Rays or Divine Solar Aspects. If you were born before 2012 (most probably you were), you are “born on one of the seven”. That means you had a clear connection with a certain ray in your soul blueprint. With that being said, as so much of what we know change, the rays change as well. You who are on the Ascension Path, choosing an accelerated spiritual and soul path development, you might have switched your prime ray. As an example, I myself was born on the sixth ray of Ruby-Gold, but at a point in my life when my spiritual development accelerated, I received the message that I now function from the fourth White Ray instead.

It is very common to see colors with our inner sight during meditation. The rays flow and not only by us calling them in or setting an intention, but even more without us doing the will act. I look upon the rays as valuable information for me during energy work and sessions. Many share testimonies after Light Language group webinars, how they see colors with their inner eyes throughout the transmissions.

Another example is when a fully aware clairvoyant young man came to see me in person for a session. He was so fascinated with how I spoke and chanted Light Language, as the vibrations were clearly visible “in the air” for him. That day it was mainly as spiraling emerald green rays carried by my voice into air pockets or dimensional doorways back to Source as he described it. I was very touched at the time and grateful for this meeting. It gave me a testimony from an eyewitness that is very rare.

Even if you are not visual in this sense, there is a knowing we can experience within. You just know that it is a golden ray you receive in meditation. Or you can receive a message clairaudient from, per example, an Archangel that he/she comes with the blue ray (that would probably be Michael!). It is all very individual in this sense, but still, we may see a general map which identifies the most common but also that which is up to date right now.

You can also tune in and ask for yourself which ray you were born on, by connecting with your inner guidance through your heart or with a pendulum. A pendulum is a great choice in this case as you can go through the list asking yes and no. You can then expand the question by asking if you are still the most connected with this ray or if that has changed.

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