The Lightbody

The Lightbody

In some contexts, the Lightbody is referred to as Mer-Ka-Bah, a term many probably have come a crossed. When speaking of it, the image of one upsided and one downsided pyramid merged together around the physical body is often added to it. I prefer to use the term Lightbody. Simply because it fits me and my guidance better. Let us look at it a bit more:

The Lightbody is the human energy field body on a higher dimensional level than the aura or etheric body. It projects our consciousness through a holographic template that generates the physical manifestations we experience within this material reality. It consists of many interwoven filaments of light and vibration that make up the consciousness intelligence identities, or aspects, that function in each dimensional layer that exists within creation.

Lightbody travelling

We can “use” our Light Body to soul travel, a much more refined way than astral traveling which can be draining for the body and also draw attention to us by non-loving energies and that only cause unnecessary disturbance or even cords that stays. With your Lightbody you are one with the experience, but yet still in connection with your physicality. In that sense you are one with it all on a higher level, so not leaving the body behind rather merging everything that is you into one vibrational field when you travel interdimensionally/ between realms/ planetary for vortex work etc. 

This is always how I guide groups – we never actually leave our bodies, even if our experience is quantum in all ways!

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