Developing Heightening Senses and Gifts

At the same time, many long to develop more of their parapsychic gifts but have a difficulty fully getting there. The reasons for this are of course individual and different for each soul. Here are some ways to support the development of parapsychic gifts, heightened senses and a clearer channel:

  • Shadow work. This is a term many use these days but it has the same meaning as deep inner therapeutic work, healing your inner child, working through and releasing ancestral linage patterns and/or childhood trauma. It is important here to stress that the trauma-caused (sometimes self-sabotaging) behaviours are not always the obvious ones. They are strategies our personality/ smaller self has created early on (it just tries to be smart and protect us!) to deal with life or the odd world of 3D. The keep it short – shadow work is to be brave and look inside for how we function and relate to others and primarily to ourselves, and to go to the bottom of the root cause as much as we can.
  • Daily, daily, daily, daily, daily practices of connecting to Higher Self, our Soul and the Highest Source of All That Is. The more regular we are in this connection, we train the “psychic muscle” and so we dwell in higher dimensional states more of our time. It is not so much to understand mentally but to BE in this state.
  • Clearing the physical vessel. Our beautiful bodies need our love, our cells absorb the vibration (thoughts and feelings) we send out and how we treat our body makes a difference. This is something I have much experience with myself, as I opened up a very clear channel in direct connection to a period of 6 months healing my body from candida fungus overgrowth and leaking gut with a very strict candida diet and supplement protocol. (At that time I couldn’t even eat a ripe fruit for the sugar level! Thank you so much for all the help, Nutritional Therapist and super researcher Agneta Lindeborg). This healing program continued for a couple of years then went over to a more ordinary plant-based gluten-free diet that works for me. But I have also noticed this theme regularly in client work. The energy field and channel can seem to be cloggy or foggy. The Guides may point out suggestions to detox, that the body carries to much heavy metals or show how GMO-food is causing disturbances to the body. There have been times when the guidance has been very clear about avoiding meat, gluten or dairy based food, not as a general statement but as fairly common suggestion for the individual. For some it has even been clear advice to add nutrition high in chlorophyll such as chlorella and wheat grass. For others it can be about environmental issues, toxic air or to invest in a good water purifier depending on where we live in the world and how sensitive we are. To care for the physical body is an act of self-love. (It is always best to take this issue further with a good and educated specialist).
  • Despite the advises above – not to want it too much! With this I mean, not to be too mentally obsessed with what has not occurred or happened yet. There is also the aspect of being in the now, accepting the present, being open to how our Soul takes us further, one step at the time. That we are all different and that is a beautiful thing. If we focus to much on what we want that has not happened yet, we tend to live in the future or value a very distant past (parallel timeline!) more than the now. So even if the advices above is making a clear difference – relax. We will not experience something we simply are not ready for.