Why the Suns?

Why the Suns.

The Sun, our beautiful, warm and life supporting, mysitical code giving father/mother star, is a major conscious part in the ascension process of the Earth. Our Sun is not just a star that happens to have its movements, that happens to burst with explosions from time to time especially recently. It is rather a conscious, ever-changing being of its own with a divinely orchestrated specific plan to assist the progression of Mother Earth and this part of the entire Universe (or multi-verse!). The Sun in turn has its own conscious beings and there are currently many souls on Earth who feel a connection that even includes timelines when they were part of this group of Solar Beings.

The Sun acts and reacts in sync with greater astronomical and astrological alignments that the ancients were well enlightened about. The ancients predicted the changes and shifts that we in fact experience right now in this present collective timeline, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

There are many Suns and Central Suns, it is through these Suns that all worlds are created and aligned. We are aligning also with the Central Sun, as our journey of unification into alignment with the Sun is a cyclic completion. We are completing not only a 26,000 year cycle but also a 500,000, and a 2,000,000 year (approximate) cycles as we unite with our Source, back to Source. (King) Our closest Central Sun is Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiadian star constellation. Spoken and written about by almost all ancient cultures, the most clear example would be the Mayans with the Alcyone-directed pyramids and the Mayan Calender.

When we align internally and etherically with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Suns we make ourselves conscious of our interconnectedness with not just our Sun but with the greater plan of our existence!

Some do also include a Twin-Sun (twin to our Sun) and an Inner Earth Sun in the alignment practice, a matter of perspective and personal resonance.

Being outdoors soaking the solar rays, doesn’t just supply our essential  vitamin-D for us, it also brings through light codes – more on this in the Master Courses.

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