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Intro by Camilla KumaRa

The Aquarian Age is here – and with it the transition years for the New Golden Terra Gaia. This is why you came!

Bright Auroras is the result of a deep wish of mine, to bring together crystal clear intuition and immediate inner guidance with an essential structure and a supporting form that takes the path of Embodied Ascension to a new level. After 8 years of working as a soul path guide, multidimensional healer and group leader, and a total of 20 years of spiritual knowingness, exploration and education, certain patterns have come clear to me – such as how many souls in all segments of our societies are consciously awakening to a very high degree of their spiritual gifts, how joy filled and healing it can be to experience the support and inspiration of a group of likeminded souls – and finally how we as lightworkers/ light bringers are all asked to step up and lead the way at this time, to come together and hold the light with focus and dedication.

The Lightworker Courses are divided into three steps with extra features on the side as well. The first level is what we have named The Foundation. An online course that consists of five chapters in text with added links to recorded audio and video material including meditations. Everything is easy to download from the learning platform, both text and meditations, so you can choose to read and listen offline or even by printing out the material.

The next step is The Master Courses. With different themes, The Master Courses go deeper in an interactive way. Consisting of 11 hours of live meetings either online on Zoom or in person (not at the same time, the courses will be online-groups OR in person-groups), the Master Courses bring co-creating into the setting. Learning through exploring and sharing, with guidance from the higher dimensional teams.

The interactive courses will be held both in English and Swedish, though there might be a waiting period to match preferred language-where the course is held- and course theme. 

For an eventual interest to take it further, the third step is The Master Diploma Program – Multidimensional Guide & Practitioner. It builds upon the previous steps, where the requirements are written essays and/or presentations, attendance at at least two/three Master Courses and a final personal mentoring session.

On the side of the three-step program, Bright Auroras offer special themed webinars and the on-going Aurora Transmissions Series.

Welcome to Bright Auroras!

The Foundation

Welcome to the Foundation! This is where we start this journey. The Foundation – a Lightworker’s Essentials – is an e-course divided into five chapters with added audio and video meditations. For Your Light Within.

Mastery Courses

Here we take it further. The Mastery Courses are interactive, co-creative courses held in smaller groups on Zoom or in-person. The Mastery Courses comes in three different themes: “Light Codes in Focus”, “Planetary Lightworker” and “Guides, Realms and Dimensions”.

The Master Diploma

The Master Diploma Program for Multidimensional Guide & Practitioner builds upon the interactive Mastery Courses, bringing them together with the new and remembered tools from The Foundation and personal mentoring by Camilla KumaRa. This is for you aiming for certificate!

Testimonials for Aurora Transmission Series

“Camilla is an amazing channel and the energies are always transforming. Her tones take us beyond time and space and her heart is full of love, care and sunshine. Her voice is so soothing and beautiful. Camilla is amazing. Always!”


“I lovingly say….This was mind blowingly beautiful!  I am grateful to all beyond what I can say.  So so amazing.”

“I always feel so blessed after a session with you and Aurora”

“The most peaceful meditation and experience imaginable.  Loved it and thank you.”

“I resonated to this precious event today perhaps more than any I have ever participated in.  I feel perfectly in wonder and awe and fully in gratitude to ALL.”

“I felt the DNA recharge too. So nurturing. And so perfect for the time!”

Testimonials for Private Sessions

“Dearest One, I am sitting within my whole hearted blessings and gratitude this moment after receiving and participating in this absolutely beautiful transmission. I thank you, I thank all the beings and waves of Source that expressed and supported me today. I am sitting in awe. I am sitting in wonder. I am sitting in the purity I feel. That was stunning, and such a joy; and perhaps even life direction shifting. Yes, I think this set me free today from some immense cloudiness and density - showing me and reminding me the way out, and to get busy "being". Thank you!"


“ Thank you, Thank you Thank you So Much!!! It was so Awesome and Heavenly!!! I am so Grateful that you are my Healer and Translator for Divine Messages and Healing!!! I Feel so Angelic and Peaceful and Loved!!! … I always feel really safe with you. I know that is of most importance, in order to have Healings occur. I experienced a connection to an aspect of my past self that wanted to be revealed. The Akashic Record Reading and Light Language Transmission was from the Highest Light and Love that left me feeling Whole, Complete and Expanded. Thank you Camilla Kumara ”

“ Thank you very much for a fine reading with divine angelic tones yesterday. So glad I got to come to you 🙂 Afterwards I went and had my aura photo taken. It seemed clear that the third eye had been stimulated and that the heart was completely open. Thank you once again for a divine moment with you yesterday, you mighty, humble and beautiful soul.”
“ Hi Camilla, I want to thank you again for the beautiful and helpful session last week. It has continued to assist me with new insight and support. I just watched the video and it was incredible! The information, light language, and frequencies you brought forward are so uplifting and expansive. Thank you so much for your service and, most importantly, thank you for being so beautiful.”
“Camilla carries High Frequency Light & brings an extraordinary quality into her very loving work. Give yourself a precious Gift by opening to receive what she has to offer.”
”Camilla har en ren och vacker energi som gör att man känner sig trygg i att visa alla delar av sig själv! Jag har gjort många sessioner nu och känner att hon verkligen har hjälpt mig att växa som själ och människa. Sessionerna är fantastiska och dessutom roliga och jag ser alltid fram emot dem!” 

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