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New Earth Portal Retreats! As a Gatekeeper and Gridworker, Camilla Aurea KumaRa offers energywork retreats. Past journeys have been held in all seasons, both in Sweden and in Southern Europe. All have followed specific purposes for our beautiful Mother Earth and the cosmic unfolding events.

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Camilla is an outstanding teacher and guide. Having walked with her twice in the Laponian high energies, I can only say that the level of light, channeling, meditation, and inspiration she brings is both deeply healing, grounded and full of light.

Katarina Mannheimer Ahlström

Author, Therapist, Public Speaker

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Stellar Gateway – Arctic Wild Retreat

Sacred Journey to Laponian Gate, Abisko, September 2023

WE are going back to Laponian Gate and the Arctic North of Sweden. New Earth Portal 14 and interdimensional stargate in roadless lands where we hike to where we need to be, and we drink the pure water directly from the streams. The portal extends over the entire Abisko area and this year we will tune in on yet another part, a very special mountain named Giron. 
“It is time to include Giron and the kingdom of the Hyperborean giants.”

Therefore the journey is in two parts:

Optional part: Connecting Hyperborea

For you who wish to join the adventure, the “fore group” starts with an overnight stay September 6th in Abiskojaure in roadless country. A hike of 15 km single track, we take the King’s trail south from Abisko, along the stream and pass by at the foot of mount Giron (1551 meters). We work with the energy when it is guided. Well arrived at lake Abeskojavri with its small sandy beach, we spend the night in STF’s cabin (simple multi-bed rooms and self-catering). The next morning we head again along Mount Giron but we turn off towards Abisko East at the Nissonjåhkka bridge to arrive at Abisko Mountain Lodge.

1 night at STF Abiskojaure. Accommodation can be booked through the Swedish Tourist Association.

Main part retreat: Stellar Gateway – Arctic Wild

The light from the north shines brighter! Welcome all Lightworkers and Gatekeepers – we will work with the Laponian interdimensional portal, the electromagnetic fields and the connection to the North Pole, Mount Njulla’s role as the sustaining mother of the entire Laponian Gate Portal (with a ceremony at her absolute peak), the crystalline city of light above the portal, the galactic presence and much more. You will also experience the physical aspect of the journey with hiking, and the deep grounding that occurs in the northern mountain world contributes to a completeness that is unlike any other trip. Here we live our spiritual calling and magic is real!

3 nights at Abisko Mountain Lodge including breakfast buffet, simple lunchpack and two-course dinner at Brasserie Fjällköket, the Lodge’s restaurant. We stay in single or double rooms.

Cost retreat with Camilla Aurea KumaRa:
Basic price Stellar Gateway – Arctic Wild Retreat 7-10 Sep incl 3 nights at Abisko Mountain Lodge. Single room SEK 8,800 / Part in double room SEK 6,800.
With the addition Connecting Hyperborea 6-7 Sep (workshop SEK 700. STF accommodation should be booked individually for Wed 6th). Total price SEK 9500 / SEK 7500. All prices include VAT. Booking fee/ first payment SEK 2,500.

Travelling information
You can travel to Abisko by train (the night train takes 17-18 hours from Stockholm) or you can fly in to Kiruna airport 1,5 hours from Stockholm and then go by bus or share a taxi to Abisko.

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