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New Earth Portal Retreats! As a Gatekeeper and Gridworker, Camilla Aurea KumaRa offers energywork retreats. Past journeys have been held in all seasons, both in Sweden and in Southern Europe. All have followed specific purposes and have followed divine guidance from start to end.

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Sacred Energywork Journey
April 28th- May 3rd 2024

Sacra di San Michele & Torino

New Earth Portal 7 Maritimes-Alpes

with Camilla Aurea KumaRa

It is time to conclude a journey of energywork, a process that has engaged both humans and angels, galactic assistance and the very aspects of nature itself. It is time to assist one of the most important energylines and vortexes there is on Mother Gaia. A clear call came in to get our attention, over time more and more veils have lifted to reveal the purpose and the importance of the task, our energywork at Sacra di San Michele, in Torino, for St Michael-Apollo-Athena Leyline and for the great portal Maritimes- Alpes, a huge landscape temple covering the region between the Mediterranean Sea and the highest peaks of the Alpes.

What can be said now is that we will be working with the Solar Christ Mary Template to reunite with the Solar Christ Michael Template, for the hijacked or inverted node will be freed. We will also anchor the first level of an etheric Light City for the New Earth Golden Age, a process that will require several steps over time. Here are some of the sites we will visit and work with:

Valle di Susa, Susa Village. Here we will stay in an ancient convent in the village, rebuilt to a hotel, on the leyline. Susa is also a village where the ancient Via Francigena pass by towards Sacra di San Michele and then south for the pilgrims. The Via Francigena is an ancient road and pilgrimage route running from the cathedral city of Canterbury in England, through France and Switzerland, to Rome and then to Apulia, Italy, where there were ports of embarkation for the Holy Land.

Monte Musinè. Mountain just outside Torino, known for uncountable magical and mysterious happenings including several noted encounters with lightships, galactic presence. The mountain also is part of an area with many pre-historic traces. Mount Musinè has a hight of 1150 meters, it is walkable but could be steep in some parts.

Sacra di San Michele. The initial purpose of our sacred journey. One of the many homes dedicated to Archangel Michael along the leyline. High level energywork! “Sacra” is set high up on a mountain top, the building in itself a mystery. To get to Sacra di San Michele we will have a walk of 800 meters road slightly uphill. After the walk there are stairs into the Sacra, an elevator is available some hours. Other natural paths up the hill through the forest are possible, all longer distance, more info on this.

Torino. We will be exploring and working at several sites as guided. One will be Duomo di San Giovanni Battista with the connected chapel of the Holy Shroud (clothing fabric of Jesus with mysterious marks). Torino is a city known for being both catholic and “occult”. A city of more than what meets the initial eye, as visions have shown already for Camilla for over the past two years. Both light and dark, center of two polarized energy triangles.


Convento Boutique Hotel in Susa: Available Single room (for one), Double Superior Room (to book for one or two persons), Three bed-room (to share two or three persons). Breakfast included.


The structure of the hotel was born as a Franciscan convent with an adjoining church of the early 1200s. Over the years the structure has undergone various transformations until January 2022 when renovation. has allowed its transformation into a hotel. The structure is embellished by two wonderful cloisters of the 1200s, the fitness area, the library, the two meeting rooms, the large park with spaces for private events. Our furniture includes something of the past, present and future… In short, a journey through history.

Other practicalities:
The energywork journey starts Sunday April 28th at 5pm at the hotel.

Cost for the Sacred Journey with Camilla Aurea KumaRa

Retreat 5 nights, with 4 days of guided energywork including:
Hotel accommodation (with Italian breakfast)
Transportation to the different sites.
Ticket entrance to Sacra di San Michele is also included.
With Single Room – 11000 SEK (approx 1011 USD)
With Superior room booked for one – 13200 SEK
(approx 1215 USD)
With Standard Double Room to share with other participant. – 9500 SEK
(approx 875 USD)

Important! Dinners and other meals besides breakfast are not included. We will dine at restaurants in the area. Flight tickets and transfer from airport are not included. Private Sessions are not available during the sacred journey due to the energy focus for Camilla.
Standard Triple Room and Junior Suit also available if requested.

PLEASE NOTE: Booking fee is 2500 SEK of the total price. The booking fee is not refundable. An invoice will be sent for the rest payment. The remaining payment is to be sent before February 28th 2023, unless the participant book the journey after this date. Please ask for two separate payments if needed. The remaining payment is refundable no later than February 28th, unless another participant takes over the booking. If the participant experience a medical condition or similar that demands cancellation, part of the payment can be refunded after the final date. The shared room option is of course dependent on possible roommate. We will do our best to offer the options asked for. The retreat is open for maximum 11 participants. Please check your travel insurances etc. The energywork journey holds no extra insurance.

Book your seat

Feeling the call? The seats of the journey is officially released Thursday November 9th 2023.


Booking fee is 2500 SEK (a part of the total cost) to be paid with Swish 1235733829 or BG 189-1217 for Swedish participants, and with Paypal for International participants.

Welcome to a very special journey!

The Portals, Energy Vortexes and Stargates of Gaia awaits

8 sacred journeys since 2018

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Camilla is an outstanding teacher and guide. Having walked with her twice in the Laponian high energies, I can only say that the level of light, channeling, meditation, and inspiration she brings is both deeply healing, grounded and full of light.

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