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Tune in and align with oracle messages of the hidden stargates, record keeper sites and multi-dimensional gateways of Gaia.

The New Earth Portals Oracle Cards is a ground-breaking multi-function, spiritual, and inspirational tool created by international speaker, healer and channel Camilla Aurea KumaRa. 33 Oracle Cards for instant activation of key codes through the inter-dimensional portals, stargates and gateways of Mother Earth. The New Earth Portals Oracle Card Deck supports the personal journey of healing soul memories and raising vibration. It inspires to connect and work with nature and the cosmic realms through the Starlines.

With 33 cards for equally 33 portals, and an additional guidebook containing uplifting messages and a background story for each portal, you have access to a high dimensional wisdom from the akashic and cosmic records – some pointing towards our coming future!

Author Camilla Aurea KumaRa.
All cards come with light encoded custom made art, all in tune with each portal and channeled message, by Aron Visuals.

Be inspired by the wonders of Mother Earth, the greater cosmic connections and the mysteries laying waiting for us all to unwrap.

ISBN: 978-91-986859-3-0

Published by Mindstory Publishing AB, Sweden
Second print by Ludo cards, Italy

About the author: Camilla Aurea KumaRa is an experienced Multi-dimensional Guide, Light Language Sound Healer and International Speaker from Sweden.

While working with clients and groups from all over the world, the guidance of Camilla Aurea KumaRa has turned more and more towards the planetary grids, to inter-dimensional portals on Earth, and the connections in between them. She has guided energywork retreats to portals and vortexes with great success. The Oracle Card Deck idea came to be through the co-creations and loving communication with higher dimensional Guides and the work with groups under the course name Planetary Lightworker.

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  1. Nina

    These are the most highvibrating oracle cards I’v ever experienced. I highly recommend them to all lightworkers out there. Camilla is a true healer and a pure channel for the highest light.

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